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To download the Legend Browser apps for Apple iPhone or Android based phones, either click the iPone or Android link in the menu bar, or go directly to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (for Android phones) on your mobile device, search for 'Legend Browser' and download the app. Simply follow the instructions to create an account. Make sure to enter you Partner ID on the first step exactly as it was sent to you in your partnership welcome email.

Once you have downloaded the browser and completed sign up, click the link


below to complete your partner profile with some basic information, and to


create your capability to receive your payments via the Stripe online payment


system. Follow the 'Sign Up' link and follow directions, using your assigned


partner ID.

Now you're ready to use the Legend Browser!

REMEMBER: your personal information will be kept fully anonymous, referenced only by your Partner ID. And unlike most other apps and the major tech companies, Legend does NOT sell your personal data to third parties. Nor will it. EVER. It is only used within Legend to help advertisers and companies offering special promotions know who's most likely to be interested in their products and offers. 

In addition to the mobile browser apps, we now also have desktop computer browser apps. Links to download for both Windows and Mac users are below:



Simply download and install as you would any other app. 

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